The journey of cloning the app called OkCredit

Before I start my blog writing on the clone of the OkCredit App, I want to thank Masai School for this great opportunity and for providing this great platform to enhance my coding and life skills.

After the third Unit of our android course at Masai School, the Masai team gave us the second project on e-commerce app’s followed by an individual group of 4 trainees. My team name was Lithium.

So now questions poping to our head that what is basically OkCredit app and why to use it and how to use it?

So, in simple words, OkCredit is an online platform where shopkeepers can manage their debit account with their customer's its an easy and effective solution for the shopkeepers to do this.

From where did we start the project?

So first I made a Repository on GitHub for the proper flow of the project and that I and my teammates can push, pull and merge our individual work. This was our third android project and we were a team of three then after I distributed the work between us.

Following are the steps on how we created cloned OkCredit and what features we used inside our cloned OkCredit.

Introduction Screens:-

(These are the introductions screens)

  • These are the introduction screens beautifully created by one of my team member. He uses a view pager to display screens by swipe screens.
  • Here users can easily swipe screens from one screen to another screen and also users can see the bottom indicators.
  • In the last introduction screen, there is a button Get Started to go to the main application.
  • These screens are visible only for the one time when the user installed the app, after that the user directly goes for the main application.
  • There is a screen on which user can choose their language.

Starting Page:-

(First Screen of the application)

  • This the first starting page of the application where users can choose the city, where ever they want to see the furniture and want to rent.
  • This is an activity that giving the users to make a choice and thereafter it will show the relevant results after choosing the option that is given on the screen.
  • After choosing one of the options application will take the user to another screen that is the Main Screen of the application or in the words of the Android Developer that is the “Landing Page” of the application.

Main Screen:-

(Landing Page of the application)

  • This is the Main Screen of the application or Landing Page.
  • In Main screens there are multiple options are given to see the various list of the items.
  • Users can add customer and supplier as well with their name and phone number

User’s Details:-

(Screens which showing the list of the customer)

  • These are the screens which show the lists of the various items.
  • On these screens, there is a view pager that will show the screens by swiping the screen.
  • These are the customer transaction screen user can seethe transactions with the user.

User sort and search user screens:-

(Cart Screen and User’s Screen)

  • These are the user profile and the user screens.
  • Users can see their profiles.
  • Users can also go through the contact us by clicking on the user.
  • Users can also sort the user list.

Online Resources:-

Online Resouces that I used in the project journey.

Challenges We faced during this project:-

There were very few challenges in our project because it’s our second time.

  1. Lack of proper communication between team members during building the project.
  2. One of the challenging parts was to showcase the project that we build over 5 days.

What I learnt during this construct week:-

  1. How to work and communicate with a team as a team leader.
  2. How to be more efficient and productive at the same time.
  3. Here I get to know how the team works, how to keep cool even under pressure conditions, how to keep myself and my teammates motivated throughout the ups and downs.


As it’s really challenging to make the actual functioning of the app OkCredit but, my team and I made this happen just because of our unity and continues dedication for our project and only goal of coming up with the best of us and to win that first prize.

we did almost 130+ commits and we were working on 3 different branches.

That’s all from my side.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you find it interesting.

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